A Family Shrine

There’s a tree party going on at Thrifty Decor Chick and the thought of sharing our family’s very personal memory holder engulfed me with delight. Christmas trees are personal, artful, and delightful, a sort of shrine if you will. As I get older, I could easily find myself slowing down on the excitement of our Christmas tree. But nope, I don’t do it. I’m right there with my girls unwrapping each ornament as if it were a Christmas gift in itself. Unpacking each memory, each photo, each piece of valuable elementary school artwork as if they were original Picassos.

I couldn’t imagine having a tree that my kids can’t help decorate. Having a “matchy-matchy” tree with blues and greens, or red and whites. Where’s the imperfections of our family? Where’s the love?

My husband has his silly little ornaments that do something for his state of mind. Those Santa surfer ornaments that we bought on vacation will always have a home here and I think dearly of him while I unwrap ‘em for the season.

Or the ornaments I got with my mom while in Switzerland one summer. My kids know how special these are to me.

I have antique bulbs that belonged to my mom from her early days of marriage. This ornament is over 50 years old. Simply priceless.

And then of course there are those “bloopers” this is my daughter in preschool, not exactly understanding the importance of a smile in a photo that will be forever remembered every year.

Another little ornament and the only one that’s always new is the Christmas card photo from the year before. I get or make a little ornament frame and place the last year’s photo inside. A sweet collection of beautiful little photos of the wonderful times that have past. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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