Where’s the Fashion?


Last night I was at a NCAA Volleyball game in Seattle. I like to casually watch people from time to time and gazed upon a women in the crowd with a black wool sweater, black sweat pants (yes, open leg sweat pants) a hounds tooth scarf, and her short blond hair pulled back into a loose pony tail. I thought look at that, she’s comfortable, very simple, and somehow well pulled together.

I base my entire wardrobe on comfort. I always have but somewhere along the line I lost that element of surprise. I run from kid’s activity, to kid’s activity sometimes on my way looking down at myself wondering if I took time to even change from my pajamas.

I’m thinking this winter, if I could swing a cute bag on my arm.

An element of surprise like a cute scarf, a piece of interesting jewelry, and a cute pair of comfortable boots

I’ll feel just a bit more… charismatic ?

Yes, I can continue to be comfortable but do I have to sacrifice cute style? No way.

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