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The American (R)

An assassin hides out in Italy for one last assignment.

Starring: George Clooney, Paolo Bonacelli and Violante Placido

Since I decided to add this new (Rental Movie Review) segment to my blog, I had the opportunity to watch 2 movies this last weekend because of the New Year holiday. I’ve been biting my nails and dying to write about The American. A movie starring George Clooney.

I thought okay, it’s a Clooney movie. He’s smart, he makes good movies, right?  My husband thought it’s about an assassin, it must be interesting, right? So we decided to watch it.

We watched… and watched… and watched. but, NOTHING HAPPENED. nothing. The movie was pointless, boring, and predictable.

I’m sure the book that this movie was based on is very good. The Character is very quiet and he holds many thoughts in his head (I think) and would give us insight to his deep thoughts which I’m sure are intriguing — this was not translated in the movie.

This is not the handsome Ocean’s 11 or 13 George Clooney. To top it all off, he had a girly butterfly tattoo on his back and they kept calling him “Mr. Butterfly” Which was never really explained. Yuk!

The movie had nothing to say. It could have been over in 10 minutes and we wouldn’t have missed a thing.

A NOTE TO GEORGE: Please, don’t do what John Travolta did George, read the script and don’t be afraid to “just say no”.    I can not trust John movies.

My review: DON’T RENT IT. Your husband will hate it as much as you.

The only part of the movie that made me happy was the 30 seconds that this song was playing when he was sitting by himself in an Italian restaurant.

Next week’s Rental Movie Review: Wall Street -Money Never Sleeps

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