This morning I started P90X. You know that infomercial that plays every hour on the hour about this time of year.

I noticed that since I don’t live near a LA Fitness® Sports Club (my favorite club) I was missing my motivation, the friendly faces, the energy.

Initially I was intrigued by P90X for the “muscle confusion” theory. I taught aerobics for 12 years and understand the importance of cross training for optimal results.

I don’t believe that your best workout will happen in your living room but I did like Tony’s personality which made me feel like I had my own personal trainer. This may be the personal training I need to motivate me for real results.

I ride my elliptical every day and that’s fine. I watch a favorite TV at 10am and ride. But what was the problem? Why wasn’t I seeing results?  -Not enough of a varied workout to help me see full body results.  Check back next week and I’ll let you know how it’s going.

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