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It’s Monday and time for my Monday Movie Rental Review!

This weekend we watched The Social Network.

Rated PG-13 (2010) Director: David Fincher

Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake

To me this was a fascinating story. Fascinating because I think we all saw this website happen within the last 5 years. It makes you think, what was I doing while those billions upon billions of dollars were made in a very short amount of time? I used to hang around with computer friends just like these guys in Southern California and loved every minute of what I saw and learned.

But anyway, back to the movie. I felt this was a fair story from both sides of the argument on who came up with the idea, did the work, and saw it through. I thought this movie would be cut up like a 20 something music video, but it wasn’t at all. It was clear, detailed and it kept me and my husband interested throughout the entire story. True story? Probably not entirely but we think the main outline was there.

I felt like Mark Zuckerberg had many ideas rolling around in his restless brain and time to do something with his talent. The twins that talked with him about working with them really had no talent they just wanted a work horse. He kind of listened to the idea and ran his own direction with it while the twins were wondering why he wouldn’t be their free slave. That was my thought.

My husband (apparently he’s nicer than me) thought: He had a deal and a deal is just that. He should of seen their idea through and then worked out his own idea after that. He probably would have been where he is today but it just would of took longer.

My thinking: Everyone knows Windows quickly looked a bit like the Mac, and Annie’s macaroni and cheese is very much like Kraft, just healthier, etc. Most ideas come from something you’ve seen or heard of and then you make it better… I’m getting off track again.

He liked it, she liked it  ::  You be the judge. Rent it.

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