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Today we took Lucy (my Portuguese Water Dog) on a short ride to Pike’s Market  in Seattle.

You know, it rains a lot in Seattle but you can always enjoy Pike Place Market in any weather since most of it is inside and covered.

Today I was on the lookout for flowers, fruits and veggies, and balsamic vinegar and the market did not disappoint. I took these photos so you could come along and see some of my favorite places.

It was quiet there since it’s a Wednesday and how nice it was. How do they go through all of that produce? The same vendors have been there year after year so I guess it’s all selling. Really beautiful mouth watering produce.

The flowers were just beautiful. Wait, I have to show you these tulips…

Look at that. After moving here from San Diego, it always surprises me to see the tulips come up in my yard every year, no winterizing needed in Seattle.

This is a cute little shop called Chukar Cherries at Pike’s. They offer local Washington cherries dried naturally with NO preservatives • NO sulfites • NO trans fat • NO gluten • Nothing artificial and very good!

Here’s the Pikes Place Fish Market, where they throw the fish.

Okay wait. If you have a baby you have to check out these hats. They are the cutest hats ever. The hats are made by the mother and daughter that work here. Love this store! It’s located right behind the fish market (where they throw the fish)

There’s a stop I always make at Pike’s and that’s Pappardelle’s Pasta. They sell a wonderful variety of freshly dried pasta including chocolate pasta, spicy chipotle, herb, naturally flavored fruit pasta and lots more. But the real reason why I needed to stop there was for their Balsamic Vinegar. I love the fig and the heirloom I also love the Thai Sesame Ginger bread dip all made by Bistro Blends. Delicious.

And finally, there’s an all natural bakery there right on the corner across from Beecher’s Cheese (where they make a huge vat of cheese right there before your eyes. Anyway, the natural bakery is so good I want to kick myself for not remembering the name. If you go to Pike’s please check out that bakery. I know you’ll find it. Today my daughters and I shared a big (natural, no sugar added) chocolate chip cookie and loved it.

And lastly, have you heard about the pigs at Pike’s?  This is Rachel. Rachel is popular with the kids who climb all over her and is a working piggy bank. The funds collected from Rachel are used by the Market Foundation for various social services. When you drop in some money, it’s customary to rub Rachel’s snout for good luck.

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