Coo-Coo Birthday Cake

I have two daughters and we have a tradition in our family -that the sister has to help make the birthday cake for the other sister. In March we made a Puffle cake for my 11 year old and now we had to come up with an idea for my 14 year old.

My daughter is obsessed with keeping my coo-coo clock from Switzerland running on time and she can’t wait for the day when we take her there to get one for herself. So what does she need now? A coo-coo clock cake!

First we needed to go to the candy store and get the clock face decorations.

Then I frosted a chocolate cake and placed it on the upper half of the plate so I’ll have room to put the pendulum.

Next, add the top roof to the cake -that was cut from the sides so that the cake from the pan wouldn’t be square. A coo-coo clock should be a little rectangular.

As you can see, this could also go in the direction of a bird house if you have someone that would like that.

Then decorate to your liking. I found the maple leave candies at World Market and the time on the clock is when my daughter was born which was 2:34 on 4/23.

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