Our Migrant Duck Friends

Every year for the past 4 years we’ve had a friendly husband and wife couple fly in for a daily visit. They always arrive the first week in March and stay all the way until the first week or two of June.

How do they remember where we are?  Don’t they fly hundreds of miles per year? Well yes, we live on an island, so maybe that narrows things down. But we have no pond, no real landmarks, no real reason to visit except for that yummy whole wheat bread that’s sure to follow their long desperate flight.

Today, two males came by – quacking in pure desperation for a tasty snack while their wives must be somewhere awaiting the arrival of their little bundles of fuzzy love.

How could anyone shoot these wonderful warm blooded animals? They’re obviously intelligent and create a strong family bond. It’s the best feeling to come driving up to my house and see them lying down on our lawn in the shade together, side by side.

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