Drive-in Movie Birthday Party

Do you remember sitting in the back seat of your parent’s car and seeing a big drive-in movie screen on the freeway? You’d Watch as long as you possibly could until it faded to a tiny far away spot while trying to call out what was playing. If you grew up in the 70′s or before you definitely remember drive-in movies.

I recently told this story to my 13 year old daughter and slam, her laptop came out and she was googling “drive-in theaters in Seattle”. We found the Valley 6 Drive In Theater A cute family-friendly theater that plays all the most current selections.

As for the party, we needed a cake. Something that went with this fun movie theme.

I made a chocolate cake and frosted it. Then made a popcorn bag to put around the cake to make it look like it’s a bag of pop-corn. The pop-corn was small marshmallows tinted yellow with yellow food coloring. Or you can use butter for coloring. Then I just dropped about an inch worth on top of the cake to make it look like a full bag of pop-corn.

Here’s the invite my daughter and I designed. I took off the wording in case you want to download it and use it yourself. Just put all the party info in the rectangular movie screen area.

We brought lawn chairs and blankets, parked our SUV in backward and they found a comfortable spot both inside and outside the car. It was something out of the ordinary and fun for all. Here’s one for the ol’ classics!






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  1. Tammy says:

    What an adorable cake! I love it! Going to have to remember that one for my daughter. She turns 11 at the end of the month so we will be planning something for her in July since she chose to go to a Sounders game on her birthday.

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