Make A Simple Fire Pit

Did you know it’s very simple to make a fire pit with something as simple as a terra cotta pot? When we lived in San Diego, I continually saw fire pits for sale that were made from terra cotta.

So I went through my pots and found this bowl shaped pot and immediately turned it into a fire pit by placing it on my backyard tile coffee table. If there’s a hole in the bottom of the pot just first put down a piece of tile or flat stone to keep the bottom sealed. Drop in some charcoal or wood chips and your family will be thrilled.

I stopped by Home Depot and picked up a simple round grill for the top and turned it into a barbeque! I wanted to grill salmon last weekend so I just added my flat iron grill so the fish wouldn’t slip between the grill bars.

Still had that great smokey flavor.  I’ve been using this same terra cotta pot as a grill for over 4 years now and I couldn’t be happier.

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One Response to Make A Simple Fire Pit

  1. Natali Knight says:

    Was it just a regular plant pot? I have been wanting to try this but afraid that the pot would crack from the heat of the fire.

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