Renuzit Your Home for Fall & Winter

Renuzit is launching a new air care product.  This stylish new product comes in a satin nickel finish, featuring a versatile 2-sided design so it will blend well with your décor while freshening for up to 30 days.  The best thing is that it looks great anywhere in your home but it retail for only around $2.00!  Cute isn’t it?

I’m going to open the berry scent now for fall and save the other starting in November for the holidays. The scratch and sniff tester on the front of the packaging smells great and I can’t wait to open it. My house will feel new again!

Oh so nice, beautiful scent, cute design, easy to work into your decor anywhere!

And look, you can turn it around to see the other side too. I’m so happy with my new little wonderful smelling air freshener.



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