DAY 1: The Power of Suggestion

Today’s the first day of my 31 day segment on raising healthy kids. From nutrition to psychology, let’s meet here for just a minute through the next 31 days. It’s the little thing that make a difference in your family.


We’re startin’ out easy here. It seems simple enough… Never suggest anything you don’t want your child to materialize. For example, I have a friend that says things like “Oh, she doesn’t want her dorky mom coming to the barbeque too” or something along the lines of her child being humiliated by the sight of her mom going somewhere with her. I have been hearing this from moms since elementary school and every time, I see the child looking up at her mom with her little brain thinking, “Should I be thinking that?The power of suggestion! Good or bad, it will be remembered if said. Always be positive, never put negative words in your child’s mouth or it will grow like weeds coming out your ears.

Always be positive and show respect about your relationship with her, your family, and your time together. As Oprah would say, You get back what you put into the universe.

See you tomorrow for DAY TWO

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