DAY 2: Bad to the Bone


Bone density concerns are not just a heads up to seniors. Throughout all stages of your life it’s important to get a fare amount of daily activity that includes high or low impact exercise. You may know that a big health concern with astronaughts is the amount of muscle and bone they lose while in space which is called muscle/bone atrophy.

So, let’s take a look… your kid rides their bike 20 minutes to school and walks the dog everyday. Sounds good right? Not so fast… Your child needs to build bone mass through some sort of high or moderate impact exercise to keep their bones properly building, growing and strengthening.

Since kids can’t lift weights until 12-14 years of age (ask your pediatrician) they need to get out there and run and jump. I don’t care if they’re running down hill, they need to get some pounding impact to build bone density. This is a never ending battle and your bones and muscles are never off the hook so get out and run, jump, dance, and hop your way to better long term health along with your kids.





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  1. What a great topic! Keeping kids healthy is also a topic that is very important to me. I have recently made quite a few changes in our home to help create a safe home and a healthy family! Thanks for the reminder to promote bone strength in our kids!

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