DAY 3: Cook With Your Kids


Measuring, chopping, kneading… If your child helps you make a meal you’ll be surprised how healthy they’ll eat. It’s your chance to explain why you put certain things and a variety of ingredients into the recipe. And of course, cooking from scratch with natural ingredients is the best way to ensure just what’s inside your family’s food.

A great program came to my daughter’s school on Mercer Island and the kids loved it because they learned about a lot of strange things that get into our processed food.

As part of the program, the kids made this great chili that can be made entirely by your child, you’ll need to help a bit if they’re under 4th grade. This recipe is a true indicator that if they make it, they’re more likely to eat it. All the kids in my daughter’s classroom loved this chili and many went back for seconds and thirds…



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  1. Michele says:

    This series is awesome, thank you for doing this entire 31 Days for me and my children (and the rest of the world). You are truly inspiring.

    xoxo michele

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