DAY 4: Who’s the Manager?


I guess I singed up for the manager position the day I gave birth. Throughout your child’s life you’re the time keeper, accountant, tutor, chef, house cleaner… and the list goes on.

The business plan is to slowly delicate your duties to members of your family as time goes by. I’m not talking about child labor here, I’m talking about responsibility, and training. No one wants to send a child off to college that can’t be responsible with their time, cook, clean, and do their own wash, and even get a job. If you don’t have them get on the helping-out program, when will you all the sudden pull the rug out and make them help?

Have them help you through their entire life. My friend has a saying, “They’re not guests in their own home” which means, they help out, it’s the only way to not have to abruptly change their world sometime.

And while we’re talking about “managing” You’re the manager, right? It’s important to have your child make decisions and learn to manage their time but remember your child does not necessarily know the direction of their life yet. “Billy doesn’t want to go to soccer today” “Sandy doesn’t want to do her homework until 8 o’clock tonight.” It’s your job to keep them in an organized schedule that makes good habits stick. Set a schedule. It’s simple to create an organized child. They get home from school, have a snack, and get the homework behind them and then they don’t have to think about it -or learn to procrastinate. If they sign up for a program, stick with it until it’s over, and if you don’t want to sign up next year, fine. Just stick to commitments with a good attitude.  Help your child be responsible, not flaky.

You’re child is navigating their way through childhood and they really don’t know where they’re headed. You know. You want to raise a responsible, caring, organized, less stressed adult. Start now by setting organized patterns.


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