DAY 7: Hearing Loss


The number one cause of hearing loss is excessive noise and the duration of that noise. Once your hearing is gone, it’s irreversible. So many times I’ve gone to concerts and my ears rang all night after that. Yes, that’s an indication that I damaged my hearing that night and it’s not coming back.

ipods, stereos, and even sporting events are all pretty tough on our ears. Consider wearing ear plugs that soften noise at sporting events, and definitely wear them at concerts. If your child can’t hear you and their ipod at the same time or they feel they have to yell over their music to talk with you, that ipod it way too loud. Show them how high the sound should be and if they can’t live with that, explain to them that they’ll want to enjoy music their entire life not just some of their life.

Here are some warning signs of hearing loss:

• Often misunderstands what you say  • Turns up the volume on the TV or radio to hear it  • Has a hard time paying attention because of background noise  -May already have hearing loss.


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