Day 12: Finding Kind

Both of my daughters have been bullied. Both in different ways but -what is bullying? There are very different levels of bullying and sometimes it’s even hard to put your finger on it.

What do you do if your child is being bullied? If you tell the bully’s parents be warned, they will ALWAYS side with they’re own child and that will create tension between the two groups of parents.

Talk with your child and teach them what bullying looks like. Sometimes it can be someone at school looking to gain strength and power through humiliating others. Sometimes it’s a “friend” that wants to be more popular and ends up being “two faced”. Anyone that overtakes your child’s emotions in a negative way and then doesn’t seem to care -that’s bullying.

Teach your child to be independent, self confident, and coach them on how to find new friends at school. Help them know what to look for in a friend like kindness and honesty. Let them know that a friend should act very much like they do. Do unto others…

If your child does not know the bully, tell the office at school and have no further contact with the bully. The bully will find no excitement from someone that doesn’t make them feel more powerful.

If the kid that bullies your child comes to your home and you see them bullying your child tell them yourself. Calmly and straight forward let them know what you saw. Don’t raise your voice, don’t threaten, just let them know what you’ve noticed.

If you have a daughter you should see this movie with her. Click on the logo below to go to the trailer…


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