Day 18: Getting There On Time


Whether it’s getting to school, heading to the bus, or anywhere, there are two important elements that are imperative on getting your kids somewhere on time.

  1. Figure out what time you have to leave, not what time you have to be there. Once you know what time you have to leave, keep that time in your head (more importantly, make sure your child understands what time they need to leave)
  2. Have your child get completely ready before they watch TV, play online, or play with toys. Get them in the habit of waking up, getting dressed before they come downstairs, eat breakfast, brush teeth, brush hair, and collect the things they’ll need to bring. Only after all of those things are completely done, then they can relax and have some down time.

Those are two things that I’ve started since the my girls were toddlers and it’s really worked for me. There’s no yelling, no panicking, no stress and the kids have time to relax and go on



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