Day 25: I Love You

When I was growing up in my family, it would have felt strange to say “I Love You” to my sisters. We had this sort of tough skin that was unbreakable. It was a matter of survival with 3 girls in our family. That always bothered me. I love my sisters very much but I was unable to show that with my words.

Make it a family habit to say those 3 sweet words to each other. It shows them how to connect on a deeper heat-felt level. If there’s a disagreement, someone gets hurt, or someone is leaving for camp, it’s normal for our kids to say to each other “I love you” and of course, from parent to child too. It just breaks a tough barrier that brings us all back to what family is all about and that… we really, love each other.    .•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•.


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