Day 28: Loads of Candy


Halloween and the upcoming holidays sends loads of candy your child’s way. There’s many theories on what to do with all that sugar. One is to give it away after a week, give it to charity, or let the kids chow down for a week straight until it’s all gone.

My kids get to keep their candy but we have a few rules. When they were toddlers, I’d put it on top of the refrigerator and they would have a piece or two for dessert eat day. Now they have a big candy jar in their room and they go days.. weeks… months without even thinking about it. I think because originally, they had to ask for a piece, they still do! (even though they keep it in their bedroom) There’s still candy in there from the last holiday and I think they’re just conditioned to not binge on it, which is a life-long lesson.

So this is what worked for us starting from when they were toddlers:

  • Have them ask before having a piece (no candy before a healthy meal)
  • Just a piece or two at a time/per day, no binging
  • Be sure to notice if they’re grazing on candy, but never make them feel bad about themselves, just say, “Oh honey, so much sugar can make you sick”
  • Take out the hard candy and gum for toddlers


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