Rental Movie Review: Little Manhattan

My two daughters, my husband, and I sat down at couple weekends ago and watched this super cute, funny, and well organized movie. Even my husband loved it! I highly recommend it if you have kids, ages 6 to 60. Really adorable.

Set against the backdrop of the Big Apple, director Mark Levin’s (Wimbledon) quirky tale of first love puts the spotlight on pint-sized passion as young urbanites Gabe (Josh Hutcherson) and Rosemary (Charlie Ray) explore their budding emotions. And there’s one thing that makes them perfect for each other: They’re both in the fifth grade. Cynthia Nixon and Bradley Whitford co-star in this winning comedy that proves bigger isn’t necessarily better.
Cast: Josh Hutcherson, Bradley Whitford
Director: Mark Levin
Genre:  Children & Family
Format:  DVD
Rated PGParental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children.
You can find it on Amazon Movie, Net Flicks, and rent it on Amazon Fire

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