No Stir Parakeet Feeder


We have parakeets and they’re really quite easy to take care of but one problem, they have flat beaks and when they eat they eat over the top of their food bowl and then seed shells drop on their food and because of their small beak, they can’t stir it so you have to stir it for them -so they can eat.

If we leave for 3 or 4 days at a time, we need someone to come over and stir our birds’ food.

So I went to PetSmart and got a small outside bird feeder and put it in their cage. It took some time for the parakeets to not be afraid of this new apparatus in their cage so don’t take out their food bowls right away until you’re sure they’re using it.

DAY 1: I just put it in there with seed in it and they were afraid of it so I kept their food bowls in too.

DAY 3: I took out the other food bowls.

I watched them for about a 1/2 day and noticed they were staying away from the feeder so I smeared some peanut butter on the feeder and pressed some seeds on it and found that they were eating off the outside of the feeder.

DAY 7: I poured out the seeds, cleaned the outside of the feeder and then poured the seeds back in and now they understand it’s a feeder!

I love this concept for Parakeets. It keeps the floor around the cage cleaner and all I have to do it refill the feeder like every 3 weeks. NO MORE STIRRING! and now then they eat they pull their head away from the food hole and the shells go on the bottom of the cage.

Please always make sure you have plenty of fresh water in the cage and healthy treats like carrot strips and dark green lettuce too!

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  1. Ofelia Burks says:

    Another important thing to note is how much of the seed you are giving is actually just filler. Many less expensive feeds use a lot of filler, which the birds don’t generally eat and are basically a waste of money and can make a mess in your yard. Filler seeds include milo, sorghum, red millet and golden millet. Birds will push through these fillers to get the food they want, so it is more financially sound to choose one that is higher quality.”

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